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This post is a little out of my usual topic but Something’s are to be kept in our memories forever.

During the past 4 weeks or so I have been immersed into EMC technology and culture training. All new EMC vSpecialists go thought this training as part of the onboarding process. No, I am not going to blog about how amazing this thorough onboarding process is (Chad has done it here), but I will give you my first impressions about this awesome team.

  • You feel like an amateur when you are in a room with other vSpecialists.
  • There is always someone who knows more than you in any given IT subject.
  • If you ask for help be prepared for an avalanche of emails.
  • The team is a real family and you must be prepared for lunches and dinners, during the week and weekends.
  • vSpecialists are the all-round IT professionals that you would want talking to your  IT Director, CIO and CEO. During the training we have a whole week dedicated to presentation skills.
  • Training classes have heavy-weight names like David Robertson, Trey Layton, Scott Lowe, Stephen Hunt and Aaron Chaisson.

Dear brothers, Michael Schlicht, Verron Martina, Craig Stewart, Alexey Stokes, Dietrich Klein, Matt Cowger, Jan Kalicki, Sho Funatsu, Jose Brunfman, Delon Karrim, Emmanuel Bernard and Fred Nix you guys rock!

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    Day 2 Time-lapse Video


    Day 3 Time-lapse Video


    Day 4 Time-lapse Video





    Have you never seen a VNXe? This the the back of the one we have deployed during the geekweek.



    1. I miss Matt being here (HP),,, All the best mate..

      • delonk on 08/12/2011 at 7:47 am

      #Team6 – We Rock!!!

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