VMworld Session 2185 – VMware View Design Mega-Session

Jason Langone and I have designed a session for VMWorld 2011 to cater for those VDI technical Jedi and Ninjas that are interested in some real-life large deployment (technical) design information. We are not planning to cover the basics about how VMware View components work. We will provide you with some in-depth understanding about how to design real-life VDI solutions with what I call the Core Factors in mind, they are: high availability, disaster proven, active/active and active/passive datacenters, bandwidth boundaries, etc…

We will also be releasing our VDI book during VMWorld (well, if we can pull all the strings together in time for the party).

If you would like us to present this session we need your vote. In order to vote you will need to login to the VMWorld website at http://www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa


The number of the session is 2185, and the name is “The VMware View Design Mega-Session: Lessons from Seasoned VDI Professionals


Session Description:

This high-impact session will focus on the technical design aspects of real-life VMware View solutions from industry seasoned VDI experts, Andre Leibovici and Jason Langone. Key considerations will be discussed and analysed, including storage, gold image proliferation and security. This is not the session for academic reference architecture; this is the session for proven solutions in the field. Leibovici, a VMware vExpert, VCAP-DCA, VCA-DT, maintains one of the most active VDI-related websites (myvirtualcloud.net) and is also the creator of industry-leading VMware View design calculators. Langone, a VMware vExpert and VCDX #54, maintains a VDI-related website (thinkvirt.com) and focuses on US Federal customers. From the financial sector to Federal customers, this session is applicable to anyone preparing to design a VDI solution.


Both of us have considerable experience designing and deploying large VDI solutions with VMware View and other products. I personally have designed over 25,000 seats in APAC region only during last year, and Jason can easily add another thousands to the totals.


Please cast your vote for session 2185The VMware View Design Mega-Session: Lessons from Seasoned VDI Professionals” at http://www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa


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