VMworld 2012 Schedule, Recommendations & Win a Ticket!

The VMworld 2012 Content Catalog is out and speakers are starting to gear up for the conference preparing their decks, demos and rehearsing their talks. One thing that not many know is that VMware is offering a special speaker’s training for VMware and Non-VMware employees. I expect the sessions this year to have a higher bar in terms of stage presence and presentation engagement.

This year I submitted two sessions and had one session accepted for both VMworld’s (San Francisco & Barcelona). I am also starting to gear up along with David Stafford for our joint session.

If you are going to VMworld I hope you can join us. If you are not going to VMworld but would like to attend the conference, then check the links below to find out how to win your ticket to VMworld 2012.



Here is my session with David Stafford:

EUC1357 – Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) with VMware View

VMware View 5.1 provides an ideal platform for delivering desktops as a managed service for enterprise customers of all sizes. What many customers and service providers don’t realize is that View can also provide the foundation for building a service offering for delivering desktops from the cloud. Service providers have been daunted by technology and licensing challenges towards building a viable service for many years, but no longer.


I noticed that key sessions from Scott Davis, Steve Herrod, Vittorio Viarengo and other executives from VMware are not yet on the VMworld 2012 website. I expect some of those sessions to demo some new cool stuff that VMware has been working in the labs. So, pay attention to those sessions and don’t miss them! With that let me get to the sessions I think are worth attending because of content or because the speaker rocks, or both.


End-User Computing

EUC1190 – VMware View 5.1 Reference Architecture
My comment: what differentiate this session is that it’s co-presented with XtremIO. XtremIO  is an All-Flash Scale-Out Enterprise Storage Array. Tristan Todd and Mac Binesh are ones responsible for reference architectures and are wealth of knowledge.


EUC1351 – Application, Mobile and Data Managment
My comment:  This is a session hosted by Scott Davis, EUC CTO. I expect to see some cool new stuff, demos and overall VMware EUC directions. Not to be misssed!

EUC1360 – VMware View and Riverbed Technologies Enabling Branch Solutions
My comment:  Last VMworld Riverbed announced WAN acceleration technology for PCoIP. I am hopeful that in this session with no one less than EUC Principal SE Tommy Walker they will unveil or announce product GA.


EUC1363 – Centralized Management with Local Execution: A Cost-effective Solution for Physical and Virtual Desktops
My comment:  Issy Ben-Shaul used to be the CEO for Wanova and many of the features in the session description are part of the Wanova Mirage solution. I expect to learn great deal about the Wanova technology and would like to understand how the technology is going to fit into VMware’s EUC portfolio moving forward.


EUC1460 – An Insider’s Guide to Desktop Virtualization: A Virtual Reality Check
My comment:  It’s always good to get a reality check and find out more about market and technologies before committing to a large project and investment. I have never seen Ruben Spruijt on stage but heard good things about him.


EUC1470 – View From the Lighthouse: Lessons Learned from VMware Enterprise Accounts
My comment:  This one is a must go for anyone who wants to deploy VDI in large scale or had already deployed. I know both speakers and they are knowledgeable, skilled and resourceful.  I expect to learn what goes on during the largest VDI deployments!


EUC1494 – Plug and Scale “View Appliance”
My comment:  Jason Langone is co-author with me on “VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions” and is a wealth of knowledge. I suppose they will talk about the Nutanix scale-out approach for VDI. It’s an interesting technology that I would like to learn more about.


EUC1526 – VMware Horizon: Upcoming Attractions and Roadmap
My comment:  Roadmaps are always good; specially if they come along with early preview or demo. Maybe?


EUC2005 – Troubleshooting View: Looking under the Hood
My comment:  If you want to go on a technical deep-dive… John and Matt will blow you away. Go prepared and take notes during the session.


EUC2792 – View 5.1: Security Deep Dive
My comment: Frank Taylor and Mark Benson are the fathers of VMware View. I’ll seat and listen to anything they have to say. Be prepared to learn loads and also take your notes during the session.


Outside the EUC space these are the sessions that I think are well worth attending with quick comment:

INF-BCO1159 – Architecting and Operating a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster > Duncan is a virtualization legend and the subject is of great importance.
NF-BCO2655 – Multiprocessor Fault Tolerance – Technical Preview and Best Practices > Wow! Demo on the rise…
INF-NET2162 – VXLAN Deep Dive > Subject is fascinating and technology is on the rise.
INF-SEC1282 – Automating Security and Compliance with Disaster Recovery Using VCM, vCOps, vShield, VIN and SRM > Michael is one of my favorite geeks. Demonstration on how to use the VMware stack to create full featured solutions.
INF-VSP1504 – Ask the Expert vBloggers > Chance to ask questions to virtualization experts with loads of customer experience to share.
INF-VSP2164 – Automation of vCloud Director Disaster Recovery > Frequent theme in my circles for datacenter deployments.
TEX2158 – Scalabel Virtual Networks with VMware’ VXLAN – Customer Deployment Scenarios > Real world information always welcome and technology is on the rise.


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