VMware View VDI Flash Calculator v2.7.1 Released & Numbers

I have just uploaded a new release of the online VMware View VDI Flash Calculator.


This is a maintenance release.

Release 2.7.1
– Fixed issue with Total Backend IOPS when Storage Read Cache was in use
– Small UI changes


I would like to share couple interesting numbers about this VDI calculator.


– On average this calculator is accessed by 170 different visitors every day (unique IP’s) that create a stream with over 26,000 hits every month.

– Since January 2012 a total of 14,500 unique visitors have used the calculator, totalizing more than 53,700 unique views since I started counting the accesses to the calculator back in August, 2010.

– The calculator had over 320,000 hits in the last 12 months.


I have a number os features scheduled to be included into the calculator very soon!!

Thank You for your support.


Check out the VDI calculator training video.
You can find the video at http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=2551.

The manual to help you to better use the VDI Flash Calculator can be found at http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=1927.

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