VMware View Health Monitoring

Yesterday I read Balance multiple View Connection Servers using HAProxy and realized that I have not published a recommendation for VMware View health monitoring. The most common types of health monitoring are ICMP and HTTP.

HTTP health monitors are optional in a VMware View deployment, however strongly recommended. The Load Balancer appliances issue a GET URL command to retrieve the index.html page from each connection broker in the pool.

When the Load Balancers probe a Security Server, the Security Server immediately performs a check against the Connection Server for which it is configured. This check between the Security Server and Connection Server  happens over the AJP13 (TCP 8009) connection.


Monitoring VMware View Web Services

VMware View Manager Server Service Port User port – 443
VMware View Manager Server Windows Service VMware View Connection Server Service(s)
VMware View Web Administration Server/admin


In addition to HTTP health there are other VMware View services and ports that can be monitored.

Monitoring Desktop vCenter Server service

Java Message Bus Port <viewmanagerserver>.CUSTOMER.com:4001
JMS Routing Port <viewmanagerserver >.CUSTOMER.com:4100
Server Windows Service VMware View Connection Server Service
Directory Service Port <viewmanagerserver >.CUSTOMER.com:389
VMware Virtual Desktop Manager Directory Service VMware VDMDS Service
VMware vCenter Server Service Port From each View Manager Server eg: <viewmanagerserver>.CUSTOMER.com:443
VMware vCenter Server Service VMware vCenter Server Service


VMware View Manager Server/Active Directory connectivity

VMware View uses Active Directory to authenticate users for access to desktops. VMware View Web Administrator also queries Active Directory in order to entitle users and groups to desktop pools. Active Directory should be accessible from the View Manager Servers and can also be monitored.

Active Directory for VMware View AD.CUSTOMER.com:389From each View Manager Server

This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.


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  1. Hi Andre, first thanks for the mention of my post.
    I was looking for some static content to download in order to better check the status of Connection Server, and your suggestion about index.html is great!
    I was first confused since via web browser asking for index.html gave me a 404 error, but via curl the index.html is retrieved.
    I’ve added an additional line to my haproxy configuration to perform this check.


  2. Luca,

    You are welcome!
    I am glad I was able to contribute with your solutions and keep up with the great work.


    • Barry on 01/31/2014 at 7:46 am

    Zombie revival.
    How does one go about getting the http monitoring configured? We are running a new instance of Horizon View 5.1 using NetScaler as load balancers.

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