VMware View Client DropDown Menu Automation

This is rather a quick tip than an article. In some cases where multiple connection brokers are available in your network, or if you have an Active-Passive DR Data Centre, or even if your users constantly move between branches, you may want want the users to automatically connect to the secondary brokers.

Below you will find a an easy way to add the required connection brokers to the dropdown menu in VMware View Client.

If in your environment you have VMware soft View Clients installed either on full-blown Windows or on Thin Client with Windows embedded, you may use the registry key BrokerHistory to add multiple existing connections brokers.

You will find this key under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\Client]. However, because this is a USER registry key you will need to merge the registry changes during logon time trough scripts or GPO.

The Default Connection Broker is set by the MRBroker key.



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