VMware View 5.1 UI Enhancements

I recently wrote about What’s New in VMware View 5.1 (Beyond Marketing) and highlighted some of the User Interface modifications in this release of View, including the multi-lingual support.

During the Beta program many administrators were able to experiment the new User Interface. However, not many noticed that the User Interface not only have a few different icons like you can see in the screenshot below, but also adds right-click functionality.

The Right-Click functionality help to streamline the process of managing desktop pools, entitlements and desktops.


[New Dahsboard View]


[Right Click Desktop Pool]



[Right Click Desktops]



[Right Click ThinApps]



[Right Click vCenter Server]



This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.




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  1. Andre,

    Can I ask a question about the new “dashboard” UI. I’ve got valid trusted certificates for both the CS and SS. The SS “alarms” have cleared from red to green. But sadly the CS alarms are still indicated as red, and claim that the cert doesn’t match the URL. However, when I visit the web-pages with a web-browser the certs are valid and do match.

    Is this some sort of bug?


  2. @Mike Laverick
    Unlike traditional load balancing, where the External URL is set to the public address of the specific server, the External URL must instead be set to the public address of the SSL offloader. (If you do not do this, most clients will attempt to form an HTTPS tunnel connection to the View server – which may work if the firewall rules allow it, but you will not then get the benefits of SSL offloading. An added complication here is that the certificate subject name will not match the URL.) This is also described on p29 of the Installation Guide. Please note that PCoIP traffic cannot be offloaded, so each PCoIP External URL must continue to point to the appropriate View server, bypassing the offloading device.

    Let me know if that helps.

  3. @Andre…

    Ah. I think that makes sense. Need to check out the pg ref in the guide. Being Mr RTFM, I don’t RTFM… 😉

    I do have F5 BIG-IP in front of the SS/CS… It sounds CS should really have a cert that reflect the “public” or external name of the configuration (view.corp.com) rather than internal name (cs01.corp.com). I guess most folks if they were just using the CS for LAN use/internal use only – they would still put some kind of IP LB in front of them – and have the clients referrence the VIP of the LB rather than the IP/FQDN of the CS…

    Anyway, either way sounds like I have some reading to do…


  4. Andre,

    Just doubling back to say. I got the issue resolved. Initially I created certs using the CS’s FQDN rather than the “external” URL under the “General Settings”. I’ve been able to delete this invalid cert, and import a valid cert from one of the Security Servers (which did have the external URL cert), and the alarms have now cleared…

    I need update my chapter on certs to reflect this – but that shouldn’t be too difficult to do… In fact it should make it simpler…

    Thanks for your help/advice…


  5. @Mike Laverick
    Thanks for the update Mike.


    • Jim Zhang on 07/18/2012 at 6:28 am

    @Mike Laverick
    a quick tip: You can use a common name for the certificate like *.corp.com to work for all CS, SS like view.corp.com, cs01.corp.com or cs02.corp.com.

    • Jason Walker on 12/05/2012 at 2:19 pm

    I know this is kinda old, but I am having issues with F5 and view 5.1 and PCOIP and Security Servers.

    I have 2 Internal Connection Servers behind a F5 VIP and everything is cool (I know that is easy)

    I have 2 Security Servers behind a second F5 VIP and I can start the connection and then everything starts to work, but ZERO PCOIP traffic. The screen never displays.

    The Deployment Guide says that is all I need, but I thought I would need a 3rd VIP between the Security and 2 External (paired) Connection Servers.

    But I think I have adjusted all the 4 URL settings 2 on the SS and 2 on the CS but nothing can get the PCOIP traffic moving.

    Any help would be great.

  6. @Jason Walker
    Each security server is paired with a connection server, therefore there is no need to a 2rd VIP. I would recommend you chcking if all required firewall ports are open. Commonly, black screen are caused because the PCoIP traffic (UDP/TCP) is not reaching 1 of the components of the solution.

    Also check if your PCoIP External URL is properly configured. http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=3822


    • Jason Walker on 12/13/2012 at 9:23 am

    Thanks for that, it turns out the SIA translations of the PCOIP UDP port was not working.

    Thanks. As a side note we are using 3 total VIPs and it is working great.

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  7. @medical janitorial services
    Thanks, I am aware of the issue and will be fixing soon.


    • Dan Cormier on 12/20/2012 at 3:34 pm

    @Jason Walker
    Jason, I’m experiencing a similar issue. Can you provide me a little more detail on the how you resolved the issue?

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