VMware vForum Brazil 2011

Last week I had the opportunity to discuss VDI and EUC (End User Computing) solutions with EMC customers in Brazil. I also had the awesome oportunity to present one of the keynotes at the VMware vForum Brazil 2011.

Despite not being early adopters the numbers provided by a IDC research place Latin America, specially Brazil, as fast adopters of virtualization and cloud computing models.

Some numbers caught my attention.

  • Big Data/Analysis: 7 zettabytes by 2014
  • 80% of new corporate applications will be developed considering cloud architecture features
  • > 80% of top 2000 companies will still have more than 70% of its apps on premise
  • > 30% of investments in corporate will be via cloud model

The same IDC research indicated that 60% of the 600 companies interviewed never heard of the concept of cloud. Latin America  cloud maket still immature, however early cloud adopters started going mainstream as early as 2010.

If properly capitalized the biggest opportunity in the region is VDI. The research demonstrated that CIOs are investing 64% of their budgets on desktops refresh. Whenever there is desktop refresh there is opportunity for the benefits of VDI.




My keynote followed VMware’s Brian Gammage keyonote and there were approximately 1,000 people seating through the presentation. I really enjoyed myself and the feedback was overwhelming. Below I’m posting the slide deck I used for the presentation, videos and photos of the conference. I’ll hopefully be back soon to Latin America!








For all photos and videos go to http://flic.kr/s/aHsjwueqHb