VMware release Solution Briefs covering SSL VPN & PCoIP

VMware released three Solution Briefs covering SSL VPN solutions that have been tested with VMware View and PCoIP. The partners leveraging the solutions at this stage are Cisco, F5 and Juniper. More to comeā€¦

All appliances make use of SSL over UDP, and more specifically Cisco and F5 make use of dTLS (datagram TLS). I have written about it here. The appliances are Cisco ASA, F5 BIG-IP Edge Gateway and Juniper Networks SA Series.

I see those Solution Briefs as a good step for organisations wanting to leverage PCoIP using their existing VPN infrastructure. Some organisations such as callcenters have an army of teleworkers across the globe that could be assisted by the use of PCoIP.

Solution Briefs can be found at vmware.com on the View page here:


PCoIP is really entrenching into a range of products through a larger partner ecosystem that have been working with VMware and Teradici. One of the most recent is this Samsung NC240 display that supports PCoIP and View natively.


VMware View-Video; Samsung NC240 and PCoIP – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

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