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urlIt’s coming! VMware Partner Exchange is dedicated to educating and enabling VMware partners to sell and deploy VMware products and solutions successfully. PEX 2013 is filled with business and technical sessions. If you have not registered yet click on the picture on the right side of this blog post.

If you have already registered you can customize your own Partner Exchange experience from all the offerings at PEX 2013. The scheduler is available for registered attendees so make sure to reserve your spot to take part in the show. Click here to go to the scheduler.


I am co-presenting a session with Robert Baesman (@rbaesman), Director of Product Management.

EUC1222 – What’s New in VMware View

VMware View brings a number great new features and technical improvements to VMware’s flagship VDI solution.  This session will review all the new capabilities of the upcoming release, and provide guidance on how these capabilities will improve user experience, simplify management and reduce TCO for customers.


Come and see us and learn all about the New VMware View!


I also would like to recommend the following EUC sessions based on subject and presenter skills. Please  note that I am focusing subjects that have not been exhaustively covered in previous VMworld or PEX in the past.


[UPDATE] EUC1322 – Enabling Cloud Desktops (DaaS) – Partner Opportunities and Technology
This session will cover an emerging opportunity for VMware partners, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), the delivery of virtual desktops from the public cloud via service providers. This session will discuss the unique DaaS landscape and challenges, opportunities and customer use cases and the enabling technology details. View Agent Direct-Connection Plug-in is a new extension to VMware View that allows direct connection between View Clients and View Desktops. It is being made available to specific partners in support of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) use cases. Dell will be co-presenting in this session and sharing experience with their DaaS solution that is based on this technology.
Scott David, EUC CTO


EUC1205 – Scale Your Business By Developing an EUC Enablement Plan
Scaling your business with the pace of innovation is challenging. To survive in the current environment of rising customer demand and a lack of experienced talent you’re faced with the only viable plan: Growing your own talent. As simple as the solution sounds, the reality is there are a lot of inherent risks. What are the core skills required to be effective? How do I build a plan that covers all roles and gradually build from novice to master? In this session you’ll hear from someone who built and scaled a business around a VMware practice and then joined VMware to design technical enablement plans and service offerings. View Less
John Dodge


EUC1209 – vCOPs for View Technical Preview
vCOPs for View offers significantly expanded facilities for View operations management. Scalability and multiple instance support (pods, datacenters, tenants, etc.) received particular attention.This session provides a technical preview of new features, the results of both the customer Beta and internal lab testing, and in-process field enablement deliverables (i.e. Reference Architecture, Evaluation Guides, etc.) . View Less
Justin Venezia
David Wooten


EUC1284 – Dynamic PCoIP – Adding Intelligence to Your Protocol
This session will cover a new capability being added to PCoIP that will allow real-time tuning of the protocol. This new feature will dramatically change how PCoIP can be tuned and optimized by moving it from a static, one size fits all approach, to a personalized, contextually aware process. Implementation details of the new capability will be discussed, along with demos of tools showing how this new capability can be applied to real-world scenarios. View Less
Chuck Hirstius

Special comment for this one. I know PCoIP performance and troubleshooting has been discussed in the past, but I know that Chuck will demo a cool tool he has been working on to dynamically modify PCoIP capabilities. Here is a teaser for Chuck’s tool.




EUC1247 – VMware Mirage: Increase Your Sales with Physical PC Management
VMware Mirage is a layered image management solution that separates the PC into logical layers which are owned and managed by either IT or the end-user. Update individual IT managed layers without disruption to other layers, thus maintaining end-user applications and data. Snapshots and backups of layered images enable desktop disaster recovery or roll back in case of failure to ensure end-user productivity. Mirage offers a unique way for IT to upgrade Windows XP endpoints to Windows 7 without disrupting user data or profile, with easy Windows XP rollback, with zero-touch on the end-users device by IT, and minimal user down time to the end-user. Mirage is even optimized for the WAN, and can upgrade remote offices and remote workers without any additional branch infrastructure required. With Mirage we’ll show you how you can increase your sales by expanding your total addressable market to any customer with physical PCs in their organization! View Less
Tom Nikl
Aaron Black


EUC1388 – Sharing Enterprise Files Safely and Efficiently
Enterprise file sharing can be both efficient and secure. In this session the audience will have an understanding of how to implement the VMware End User Computing file sharing solution from software to storage. Attendees with also gain a better understanding of the features, data protection and efficiency capabilities. Attend this session to get a better understanding of the EUC solution and it’s enterprise file sharing capabilities as the preferred solution in the industry. View Less
Mac Binesh


EUC1305 – Protecting VMware View with vCloud Networking and Security
VMware View Virtual desktops can do many things for your organization from an efficiency and cost perspective, but one benefit that often goes overlooked is how it can benefit an organization from a security perspective because it allows you to apply datacenter type security concepts to the desktop. Not to mention you have the ability to leverage virtualized networking and security solutions to provide security in new and innovative ways that are just not possible, manageable, scalable, or cost effective in a physical environment. In this talk we will explore how the VMware vCloud Networking and Security Suite can be leveraged to provide unique protections to your virtual desktop environment, manage access to resources of users, and protect the VMware View environment. View Less
Rob Randell
Mark Benson


TEX1907 – End User Computing, Mirage and Horizon NDA Roadmap (TAP only)
If you’re a VMware Technology partner who has any involvement whatsoever with End User Computing, this is THE must see session of the week.  We all are excited by the challenges and opportunities of user-centric computing and the consumerization of IT.  With this as a backdrop, we’ll dive into the NDA product road-maps for all three pillars of the VMware Horizon Suite, comprised of Horizon Mirage, Horizon View, and the new Horizon Workspace.  These are the facts you’ll need to plan and align your own business to meet the needs of our mutual end-user-focused customers. View Less
Vijay Pawar
Robert Baesman


TEX1389 – End User Computing: Putting the Pieces Together
This session will help partners effectively integrate key EUC products and services to form a scalable, enterprise-class end-to-end EUC solution. VMware’s EUC architects will share their experiences on how they put together the pieces and parts of VMware’s EUC portfolio of products and services to build enterprise solutions for end user computing. View Less
Jared Cook


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