Vizioncore on APAC Virtualisation Roundtable

Our guest last week at the APAC Virtualisation Roundtable was Simon Pulton from Vizioncore.

Simon spoke about  the state of the virtual nation and some of the Vizioncore technologies that can help out at different phases of the virtualisation journey.

Key items were around the use of Changed Block Tracing to enable differential full VM backups and the industry wide move away from Service Console reliance to an ESXi world.  Also the use of vFoglight to get detailed performance recording and alerting and the use of  vOptimizer to reclaim unused disk space from VMs.

All products appear to have a 30 day evaluation mode, to prove their worth before putting up the money, and there are free products.

The usual suspects were in attendance with Rodos asking his usual probing questions, based on his extensive knowledge and contacts

Tune in for another exciting episode.


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