Virtualization Events Calendar for ANZ

Update: has been replaced with a cale widget but still on the sidebar.

I find it hard to find a centralized repository for all virtualisation related events here in Sydney and in the ANZ region. There are always isolated events happening so I decided to put together a simple public calendar that I named as Virtualization Events Calendar for ANZ.

The calendar is public and hosted by Anyone can and is encouraged to add it’s own events and events in your ANZ region.

The events for the current month are also listed at my blog sidebar and clicking in one of the events you will redirected to the description and information. You will also be given the option to download Google, iCalendar, Outlook and Yahoo appointments for your personal calendar.

If you want to blog the calendar use RSS at

I will do my best to keep the calendar up-to-date but help is welcome.

Have Fun

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