Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition

Cisco Systems, EMC, and VMware today announced a joint venture to sell a new integrated data center product, dubbed vBlock.

Think of vBlock as the plug and play data-center solution, it will consist of Cisco UCS/Nexus/MDS, EMC Storage and VMware Virtualization all within a pre-designed and built rack solution – simply drop it in your data-center, plug it in and deploy virtual machines.  This is not really any different than purchasing HP Servers, NetApp Storage and VMware licenses separately. Ultimately it is the same solution, but now with a single SKU that partners will be able to sell.

What does that mean to you  if your organization already have a fully deployed cloud computing environment? Probably nothing.

This was already expected and I have discussed this coalition with few different people from VMware and Cisco few months ago.  However if your organization is planning a large expansion (new SAN, new BladeCenter, new MDS) or is entering virtualization now then now you might have to think twice about the hardware solution that is more adaptable and suitable to your environment.

The 4 major parts of the today’s announcement were:

  1. Technology Innovations – Vblock Infrastructure Packages.  Tightly integrated standardized “building blocks”  Click HERE for more on this topic.
  2. Integrated Pre-Sales, Services and Support – Vblock Unified Customer Engagement.   Engage like we’re one company, get services like we’re one company, support that is exactly like we are one company.  Click HERE for more on this topic.
  3. Solutions Venture and Investment – Acadia. A Cisco-EMC (and Intel) joint venture to build, operate, and transfer Vblock infrastructure to organizations who want to accelerate their journey  Click HERE for more on this topic.
  4. Partner Ecosystem Leverage – Vblock Partner Ecosystem.  Click HERE for more on this topic.

If you want to read more about the complete offering  refer to Chad Sakac does a pretty good job explaining the coalition with information’s from the the source.

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