View Storage Accelerator and View Storage Tiering [NOW Supported]


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Back in November 2012 I blogged about an unsupported combination of VMware View features (View Storage Accelerator and View Storage Tiering). The question had originally been raised by a colleague, pointing to an article published on the End-User Computing Blog that clearly states “Use of View Storage Accelerator is not supported when View Replica Tiering is enabled”.


The VMware View Tiering technology was created to allow View administrators to place replica disks on Solid State Disks. With the replica being serviced from high performing disk devices all Linked Clone desktops benefit from the IO performance and throughput, particularly during boot storms.

With the introduction of VMware View Storage Accelerator (find more about it here) in View 5.1 and having the most common data blocks across all desktops in a host being serviced from RAM, the idea behind VMware View Tiering didn’t make sense anymore from a performance perspective and that’s the reason why both technologies have not been qualified or tested together by VMware.

Having the ability to use dedicated replica datastore via VMware View Tiering can be a huge storage capacity saving feature, in special for all the new all-flash based arrays where capacity utilization is far more critical than performance. When using Linked Clones with Dedicated replica datastore only a single replica is created per pool of desktops (up to 1000 desktops per pool). The picture below demonstrate the difference between the two models.



If you are interested in reading more about both technologies and how they complement each other please refer to my article View Storage Accelerator and View Storage Tiering [Unsupported].


So, I brought the subject up internally at VMware and demonstrated (over multiple meetings and conversations)  that our customers would benefit from both technologies being used together. I am happy to announce that VMware has qualified and tested the combination of both features – and this is now fully supported with with Horizon View 5.2.

I am looking forward to Nasimha Krishnakumar’s blog post making it official!


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