View Connection Server with Windows 2008 R2 Core

Fellow VMware colleague Jack McMichael posted an interesting article about how to install a VMware View Connection Server using a Windows 2009 R2 Server Core installation.

3217887340_e562451ef6If you are not familiar, the Server Core option is a minimal installation option that is available when you are deploying the Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2008. Server Core provides you with a minimal installation of Windows Server 2008 that supports installing only certain server roles. Contrast this with the Full installation option for Windows Server 2008, which supports installing all available server roles and also other Microsoft or third-party server applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server or SAP. The Server Core installation also doesn’t provide a graphical UI by default.

In his tests Jack was able to successfully run a VMware View Connection Server with 2GB RAM, 1 vCPU and 10GB disk.


Please note that this deployment type is not supported by VMware. I recommend testing in a development environment. If you decide to test or implement you are doing it on your own risk


Jack takes us trough the steps and explain his test and scenario use cases.  I thought it was worth sharing this here as I know of many administrators would like to have a leaner environment for their test/dev environment.

If you want to go over to Jack’s blog post click here.


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