vExpert 2012 Award

I just found out I have been awarded with the VMware vExpert 2012.Β (Announcing vExpert 2012 title holders)


The vExpert program is a recognition to the contributions to the VMware, virtualization and cloud computing communities.


This is the 3rd consecutive year I am awarded on the vExpert program and It’s a honor for me to be part of this select group or people that in one way or another go out of their way, beyond their day-to-day responsibilities, to help the virtualization community. This group of bloggers, podcasters, webcaster, twitters is amazing.


I would like to thank John Troyer and Alex Mayer for their efforts to move this program internally at VMware.


Congratulations to all vExperts 2012.


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  1. Saqib Fayyaz


    And congratulations to VMware – I think you are one of their best acquisitions πŸ™‚

  2. Andre Leibovici

    @Saqib Fayyaz
    Thanks for that. I am hope to be able to deliver to the hype πŸ™‚


  3. Rickard Nobel

    Nice work with three awards in a row, congratulations!

  4. Andre Leibovici

    @Rickard Nobel


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