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Hi, welcome to release the VDI (Display) Protocol Calculator.

To understand the concepts behind this calculator read my article

[SWF], 930, 800[/SWF]

Visit also the VDI Calculator.

The Bandwidth Offset calculation is NOT, in any way, calculated using numbers, formulas or algorithms provided by Teradici or VMware. This feature is offered in experimental mode without any warranties and it is based on my own experience and tests in lab and production environments.


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  1. Greg S.

    Any plans to add other protocols such as ICA, ICA w/HDX, RGS, etc…?

  2. Andre Leibovici

    Greg, yes, eventually. However, firstly I am planning other features for the next releases.

  3. Barry Schiffer

    ICA with HDX would be much appreciated. Would use it once a week when ICA is in it.

    What I miss is color depth and resolution. Being able to choose is not needed but just mentioning the values used for calculation would be great!

  4. Marcel Broesky

    I agree with Barry. Resolution and color depth would help us greatly!

  5. Bjorn Andersson

    Great Tool!
    Will publish a link to this and to the VDI Calculator on my blogg on wednesday (only swedish thought. :))

  6. Andre Leibovici

    @Bjorn Andersson
    Thanks, I really appreciate.

  7. View Admin

    Do you know how to reduce the Framerate on a Zero Client?

  8. Andre Leibovici

    Release Tracking

    Release 1.1
    – Added VMware View 4.6 compatibility
    – Added Experimental Bandiwtdh OffSet Calculation
    – Added Experimental graph for Bandiwtdh OffSet Calculation
    – Added Audio Remoting Calculation

    Release 1.0

  9. Klaus Becker

    Hi Andre, really great tool. I would recommend you have a look at our Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA) product that will help with latency on RDP. I noticed you suggest to no longer use RDP if latency goes beyond 150ms. With VDA you can go well beyond this threshold at the cost of some more bandwidth. This is a software-only solution for RDP and ICA. A free 30 day eval version can be downloaded from our website.

  10. Marcelo

    Hi André,

    As per the last release date of the tool I guess we can assume it is not considering PCoIP on View 5, correct ?
    Any ideas on when you plan to have it released ?



  11. Derek

    Any update on when you will have ICA for XenDesktop 5.5 support?

  12. Blair Sanders

    Great tool for calculating downlink bandwidth requirement (from VDI VM to user). What are the uplink requirements (from user to VM)? I assume these are much lower than the downlink. This would be important for users connecting over ADSL and other asymmetrical broadband services.

    Thanks, Blair

  13. Phil. L

    Is a new version plan to consider View 5.0 (less bandwith) ?

  14. Jonathan S.

    I third the View 5 (or 5.1) bandwidth update.

    In my testing, I am seeing general Office-type use (answering emails, mucking around in Word and Excel, light web-browsing) that 50 to 90 kbps is a nice average number. So, I just selected “Custom” for User Profile and used a range of values between 50 and 90 to get an idea of what to expect.

  15. Matthew Graci


    What tool are you using to create/embed your forms (or spreadsheets?) used for the calculators?


  16. Andrew

    How is the Simultaneous 480p Video being calculated in the results? The number entered here is affecting both the per user bandwidth and total bandwidth. Is it simultaneous videos played within each user session? Does the office plus MM profile include video in the calculations?

  17. Andre Leibovici

    The protocol calculator has not been updated in a while and does not reflect bandwidth consumption based on latest versions of PCoIP and RDP. I’ll work to update and add new existing protocols.

    Is it simultaneous videos played within each user session?

    Does the office plus MM profile include video in the calculations?
    Yes, but not 480p


  18. Andre Leibovici

    @Jonathan S.
    Yes, thanks for your message. I’ll be updating the calculator soon.
    For now keep using the custom option.


  19. pras

    Today, Mac client is supported for PCoIP.

  20. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks for noting. I’ll update the calculator as soon as possible.


  21. jishanth

    Any update on the updated calculator ?

  22. Mark Pryce

    Hey Andre,
    I have been working in the lab comparing the trade offs between image quality vs bw and the different settings you can apply via policies in xendesktop 7.8. One interesting tool I have run across is called Rd analyzer out of the UK. The sponsored version allows you to change quality levels and protocols on the fly. …..very interesting tool to compare codecs vs compression vs bandwidth in a citrix environment. ..check it out if you have time
    Mark Pryce

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