VDI Flash Calculator v2.4 Released

I have just uploaded a new release of the online VDI Flash Calculator.

This new release offers complete support for VMware View 5.0, vSphere 5, and the new Windows 7 3D rendering features.

Amongst many additions is the ability to have up to 1,000 desktops per desktop pool, extended number of supported cores for host calculation, extra vRAM for 3D rendering and memory overhead swap file for vSphere 5.0 calculation.

Refer to vSphere 5.0 New .vswp file & Storage Tax on VDI and VMware View 5.0 3D Reverse Engineered for specific information on those topics.




Additionally, I have also updated the manual to help you to better use the VDI Flash Calculator. The manual can be found at http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=1927.


The VDI calculator can be found at http://myvirtualcloud.net/?page_id=1076. Alternatively, go to my blog homepage and select VDI Calculator on the top bar.


Release 2.4

– Added support for VMware View 5.0
– Added support for hosts with 24 and 128 cores
– Added support for 1000 desktop per desktop pool
– Added support for vCenter 5.0 and 10K validated architecture
– Added support for 32 bit display resolutions
– Added support for vSphere 5.0
– Added support for 3D
– Several improvements to the calculator structure
– Small UI changes


Known Issues
– Calculation of View 5.0 3D vRAM using VMs with 3 or 4 vCPU not available

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