VDI Flash Calculator v1.6 released

I have released a new version of my online VDI Flash Calculator. I’m very happy that this calculator has been mentioned at VMware’s internal distribution lists, partner’s emails and also in the internal EMC vSpecialist distribution list.

Now, I am really interested to know if you are missing any feature that could be added to the calculator. I’ve been thinking about to include IOPS calculation but there are a number of calculators out there that can do that today. Anyway, please let me know. Thanks.

…and soon you will also have this calculator on your iPAD.

The key additions, changes and fixes are:

– Added dropdown menu to allow selection of maximum number of VMs per vCenter. Only applies to vCenter 4.1. > Some reference architectures started to use more than 2000 VMs per vCenter when used with release 4.1. At this stage only 2000 VMs per vCenter has been validated by VMware. The VMs per vCenter field now allows you to select the maximum number of VMs per vCenter.

– Changed from Dropdown menu to free entry of Number of VMs per Datastore to allow more than 64 VMs. > VMware has extended the limit of 64 VMs per datastore. The new limit is based on observation of IOPS consumption, however still best practice to initiate with a maximum of 64 VMs.

– Fixed bug when calculating delta sizes whilst Refresh OS on logoff set to 0%.
– Fixed calculation of vCenter Servers when number of VMs was equal to vCenter Server limit.


The VDI calculator can be found at http://myvirtualcloud.net/?page_id=1076.
Alternatively, go to my blog homepage and select VDI Calculator.

Previous Releases
Release 1.5
– Added support for Dedicated Datastore for Replicas (SSD)
– Added support for use of VM memory reservation
– Added support for Cluster with HA (N+1)
– Added information on number of clusters required
– Fixed bug with overcommitment memory calculation

Release 1.4
– Added support for .vswp calculation with Linked Clones
– Added configurable Hypervizor memory overhead
– Added configurable VM memory overhead

Release 1.3
– Added support for VMware View 4.5 Disposable disks
– Added Storage Breakdown summary for VMware View 4.5 Tiering

Release 1.2
– Added Host number calculation based on Desktop State when Not in Use
– Added Storage calculation based on Desktop State when Not in Use
– Added 4Gb overhead for vmKernel when calculating Host Memory with overcommit
– Fixed bug when calculating Hosts Memory overcommit with low number of VMs per core

Release 1.1
– Added ERR validation for Number of Desktop Pools
– Added developer name and blog URL at bottom

Release 1.0

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