VDI Down Under @ InfoSmack

Last week I had an awesome time being the special guest at the InfoSmack podcast. If you haven’t heard of the InfoSmack podcast you can go to their webpage here. The show is hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Marc Farley and the Diva of Disruptive Technologies, Christina Weil.

Of course we talk about VDI, and some of the topics we covered are:

  • What is the biggest challenge for VDU adoption and deployment?
  • The importance of good user experience
  • Management concerns around VDI
  • VDI protocols
  • Good design vs Bad design
  • Greatest growth of VDI
  • VDI and mobile devices such as iPads and phones
  • Problem with VDI deployments? Blame storage
  • How does storage performance scale for VDI?
  • Reference architectures for VDI
  • Certifications for designing VDI environments

Download of the podcast is now available via iTunes, Google or Stitcher

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