VDI Calculator v5.7 Release

Today I am announcing the General Availability of the new VDI Calculator v5.7. This is a small update that introduces support for the Nutanix NX-7000 series and Italian language. There is also introduction of a high memory utilization warning that is automatically triggered when RAM consumption goes beyond the maximum Nutanix appliance limit.

When Nutanix calculation is enabled all non-applicable fields in the calculator are automatically disabled, making it simpler to configure the workload.


Important Notes

  • Java  will request authorization to execute. This will be fixed for a future release.
  • There is a known issue when loading a saved calculation with more than 1 desktop type. In this case you must first open the amount of Desktop Tabs you want to load from the saved file. You do that clicking on (+) and (-).
  • Nutanix calculation is only supported for Horizon View deployments. For the future release I will add XenDesktop and Hyper-V support.


To access the new VDI calculator click here.


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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