VCP4-DT (VMware Certified Professional 4 –Desktop) Pass & Review


VMware didn’t yet announce or sent e-mail to the professionals who sat the new VCP4-DT Beta or non-Beta exams. However, I noticed that Pearson Vue website has already been updated with the results. My status changed from Taken to Pass. Unless this is a big mistake or misunderstanding I can say that I passed it.

If you have already taken the exam you should go to Pearson Vue website and check your status. If you have not yet taken it, keep on reading this post as it may shed some light on what you should expect from this exam.

The first exam of the Desktop Track was the VCA4-DT and I have previously discussed the exam at

I took the VCP4-DT Beta exam. Unfortunately it is only possible to take a Beta exam if you receive an invitation from VMware. The Beta exam differs from GA (General Availability).

The first difference is the number of questions where I had to answer 100 questions instead of 40 from the GA exam.

The second difference is that for each question there is a field for comments. VMware encourage us to comment and challenge the questions and possible choices (most questions are multi-choice). This process helps VMware to validate the quality of the questions and allow them to correct possible errors.

The third difference is that we get more time to complete the exam. VMware expect us to comment and challenge questions, and we need to answer all 100 questions.

The drawback is that we don’t know what questions will be discarded for the GA exam. Questions that I have possibly answered correctly may be discarded for the final score.

So, let’s talk about the exam without breaking NDAs.

I personally had real fun seating this exam and enjoyed myself from question 1 to 100. Differently from the VCA4-DT where GUI knowledge was required and unless you used VMware View on a day-to-day basis you would fail, this exam requires you to know VMware View fundamentals.

Those fundamentals are:

  • Type of Desktop Pools and their impact on the infrastructure and overall solution
  • Desktop Pools fundamentals and options for each pool
  • Architectures for external access and high availability
  • Linked Cloning
  • Overall architecture and Scalability
  • System and Hardware requirements
  • Use of Disposable and Persistent disks
  • Ports and Communication architecture between components
  • Display Protocols
  • etc…
    I found VCP4-DT to be easier than VCA4-DT, however I have to acknowledge that I have some good VDI design experience and this may have helped me. This is not an exam for the Administrator, rather tries to prove that you are capable of designing an entire View solution.
    VMware is yet to release the Beta version of the 3rd exam of the Desktop Track; it’s called VCAP4-DT. As soon I have the opportunity to seat this exam I will let you know what to expect; however based on the other VCAP exams I suppose it will be hands-on in a remote lab environment.

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