VCAP4-DCA… run…run…run

Late last week I received the good news from the VMware Certification Team that I passed my VCAP4-DCA exam. It has taken almost 3 weeks to receive the results.

A number of bloggers have provided feedback on their exam experience and how difficult it is. I personally didn’t find it extremely difficult, however in my opinion there is a post from David Davis that synthesizes exactly what I experienced when taking the exam.

Read his post at

The are way too many questions and tasks to be accomplished in so little time that you will most likely run out of time just as I did. I left three or four question unanswered at the end of the exam, besides couple questions that I skipped because I thought it would take to long to figure out the resolution.

This last Monday I also sat the VCA4 Beta Desktop Exam and as soon I get my results I will share them here and provide feedback on the exam itself.

However, IT is a non ending study subject and now I should start my studies for VCAP4-DCD to seat the exam in couple months, and this one should be challenging.

Ps – this is my first post from an iPad.

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