Update to VDI Calculator v4.2

Hi there,


I have just released a new version of the VDI Calculator – 4.2. This is a small release that fix some known little bugs and prepare the calculator for future updates. Your current installed calculator should automatically ask you to update the application, but you can also just go and launch it from the blog or clicking on the link below.


What’s New!

  • Added backend feature to support multi-pool and multi-vm calculations. (Coming Soon!)
  • Added backend functionality to support  a feature where you will be able to ask for help from VDI vendors.
  • Couple User Interface improvements





If you have any issues with the update let me know!

This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.


  1. Hi, thanks for great tools.
    Storage details is not working properly. Disposable disk size is -0.0 always.

  2. @davoodteymoori I just tested it and everything seems to be working fine. To enable disposable disk calculator you need to set the size of the disposable disk and you also need to set the number of concurrent desktops, that being lower than the total number of desktops.

    I have an old manual and video that explains how this works.


    I will soon create a instructional video for the new calculator.


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