UCS (Unified Computing System) Key Concepts

UCS (Unified Computing System) is Cisco‚Äôs first entry into the x86 server market. This paper provides insight into both the Cisco Data Centre 3.0 strategy, and UCS, which is a key enabler to DC 3.0.  It discusses products within the UCS range at a component level, such as blade and rack mount server offerings, and lastly highlights some of the larger benefits that can be gained through the pairing of x86 virtualisation and UCS technology.

Daniel Eason has done a good job compiling the key concepts behind USC in a white paper. I am now waiting for my chance to learn and play with this new toy.


Have Fun and Break a Leg


  1. Hey there,
    Great post, I just stumbled upon it and I am already a fan.

    • Andre Leibovici on 09/23/2009 at 1:47 am

    John, I actually had the opportunity to go yesterday to a private Cisco USC session and It is indeed very interesting. I have a demo schedulled for week at Cisco offices.

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