Jan 16 2013

Troubleshooting ThinPrint in VMware View (Part 2)

VMware OEMs a sub-set of the ThinPrint Server Engine full-blown product. ThinPrint is a printing solution developed by Cortado. The ThinPrint Server Engine universal drivers can be found in a range of strategic partnerships with VMware, Citrix, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Microsoft, Wyse, and others. ThinPrint has managed to embed ThinPrint agent into a range of devices, from Thin Clients to Printers.

If you want to learn more about printing in VDI read my previous articles: Printing Architectures for VDI (Part 1) and (Part 2).

Troubleshooting ThinPrint in large environments can be a daunting task. I have seen VDI environments with over 1000 printer devices, and having a process in place to troubleshoot printing issues can be very helpful. In my first Troubleshooting ThinPrint in VMware View (Part 1) article I shared a process that help administrators to quickly troubleshoot and get to the bottom of the printing problems.

There are several things that can cause virtual printing to not work as expected. The most common problem reported is “No printers mapped in a Windows guest”. If you experience this problem, try the following:


1 – Is the TPAutoConnect service running?
You can check if the service is running from the Services Control Panel. The TPAutoConnect service should be set to Auto start for VMware View deployments. If it is not running, perhaps the virtual COM port is not set up properly? Shut down the VM, turning virtual printing off, then on again, and reboot the virtual desktop.


2 – Turn on debug logging for TPAutoConnect
Logging is very useful if you are not getting any printers mapped in the guest, or they are not being mapped properly. In the guest, open the registry, add the keys below, then restart the TPAutoConnect service. Wait 60 seconds. Then attach the log file to a bug report.



3 – Run TPAutoConnect manually
Another way to collect useful information if you are not getting any printers mapped in the guest, or they are not being mapped properly. In the guest, open a Command Prompt window, and type the following commands.

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools> tpautoconnect -d
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools> tpautoconnect -v -i vc


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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  1. James Mac

    This is useful, but I’d like help with a situation where TP does print but does not render the print correctly. Specifically, it prints at one-quarter the size it should.

    I’m quite sure that this is a TP driver fault – the same printer will render PDF at correct scale when I print from Adobe Reader on my Mac desktop, but not if I print from Adobe Acrobat on VMWare (Win7 VM on Fusion 7.1.1), not if I print the file in its original .pub format.

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