Top VMware blogger results and Work Space Virtualisation

The 2010 Top VMware blogger results has been published today, and I am humbled that made to the Top 50. Actually the position is 39th, a good improvement from last’s year 58th position. is also the only VDI somewhat focused blog to feature in the Top 50.

Before moving forward I would like to say thank you to Eric Siebert from to run this pool every year, and a special thanks to everyone of you who voted for this blog. I also would like to acknowledge the efforts from all bloggers as I know the hard work you do in order to put up quality content on a constant basis.

The numbers bellow demonstrate traffic increase since December 2009 reaching 420K+ hits in September 2010. I believe this increase is not only due to the quantity or quality of my content, but rather demonstrate the maturity and accelerated adoption of VDI technologies.




A recent Gartner research sponsored by Intel is forecasting VDI mainstream adoption within 2 years. For this technology to become mainstream (general use) in the next two years the engines should be running at full throttle; and that is exactly what I see. The number of Prove of Concepts/Pilots and the number of seats per deployment has been drastically increasing.

Out of this document an interesting nomenclature used is Work Space Virtualisation – and that is exactly what we are doing when offices also become a virtual asset. It is true that we are still short on some support technologies and their reliability, such as last mile internet connections, but even with those limitation we are seeing a paradigm shift in the way work spaces are pushed and/or published to organisation’s employees.

Nonetheless, vendors are in a frenetic race to bite as much as they can from this 50 million users market with potential revenue of $65.7 billion by 2013 according to another Gartner research from 2009.



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