Top vBlog 2017 is now Open. Please Vote and Support Bloggers!

Eric Siebert has opened the Top vBlog for this year’s voting with sponsorship support from Turbonomic. This blog has ranked 14th place for the last four years, coming down from the 17th and 39th in years before.

All bloggers do an excellent job, using their personal time to share experiences and challenges with the broader community. I also found myself in work and technology transition, moving companies and trying to talk and demonstrate different viewpoints and technologies.

The technology datacenter world is at a major inflection point where many distinct and complimentary technologies are competing for awareness as organizations move into the public and hybrid infrastructure world, and where applications deployment models are drastically improving and reducing IT friction. It is a superb time to be in technology! If you like the content I have been publishing, please consider voting for this blog.


Here are a couple of my recent and favorite articles:


Here are a couple of the tools I have published or open-sourced:


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