ThinPrint: What’s New in Horizon View 5.2

After publishing What’s New in VMware Horizon View 5.2 (Beyond Marketing) I received the same question multiple times from different customers and colleagues in regards to the following excerpt from my article.


A new Print Redirection codebase has been introduced that supports Windows 8, and also fixes a number of outstanding issues.


In the following table you can see what has been introduced with the changes in Horizon View 5.2. The changes are based on the functionalities of ThinPrint Server Engine 8.6.


Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.57.49 PM

  • SpeedCache allow print jobs to be compressed by avoiding the repetitive sending of the redundant image data.
  • Finishing support let users control the full range of features of multi-functional printers.
  • Currently there are two forms of cloud printing – virtual and mobile printing. While only part of the printing process in virtual printing is relocated to the cloud, with mobile printing the entire printing process takes place in the cloud. Read more about it here.


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