The VDI Market continues to hike up, transforming itself…

It was 2010 when I first published in my blog the online VDI calculator for View and for XenDesktop. In April 2011 I stopped updating and supporting the XenDesktop version of the calculator, but it is still available in my blog.

The calculator has since been trough multiple upgrade cycles, and new functionalities have been added according to the VMware View product evolution. However, many people also use the calculator to size VDI deployments for other brokering platforms such as XenDesktop and vWorkspace, or other hypervisors, such as KVM and Hyper-V.

Today, the calculator is pretty much a standard VDI sizing tool for many professionals, including professional services organizations from the largest IT consulting companies in the world. I’ve been told that by many and I also track where the hits are coming from.

I keep track of the utilization, and one thing I was able to observe through the numbers is how the VDI market is still growing. In 2011 the daily average number of unique visitor was 91, hiking up to 134 in 2012, and in 2013 is already at 154 unique visitors per day.


Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 6.25.39 PM


The uptake on the calculator usage could be due to number of different reasons, including Google Page Ranking or people getting to know the tool. However, I know for fact that Google has been raking it 1st for a long time whenever you search for “VDI Calculator” and 2nd when searching for “Virtual Desktop Calculator”

I believe organizations are starting to look at VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service as an effective way to provide secure, manageable and easy access to applications and internal organizational resources, enabling the remote workforce, rather than placing focus on BYOD and cost reduction.

A recent article by Forrester’s analyst, David Johnson, describes what may be happening in the market and how and when VDI or DaaS is making sense to organizations. (HAS VDI PEAKED? A CHANGE IN THE ADOPTION DRIVERS SHEDS NEW LIGHT, AND NEW LIFE).

In the meantime the number of unique views on the calculator continues to rise, demonstrating that the uptake on VDI or DaaS is not anywhere near over.


The free VDI calculator can be found here.


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