The ‘Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop’ Sneak Peek – Video Demo

In a Nutanix cluster, PRISM is the management gateway for components and administrators to configure and monitor single or multiple clusters. This includes the NCLI (command-line), HTML5 UI (administrative interface) and a REST API supporting for the entire management framework with PowerShell and Java SDKs.

Nutanix engineering made sure that all features and functions available in the platform are exposed via these APIs, enabling programmatic access to an extensive list of datacenter services.


Programmatic interfaces allow organizations to create automation workflows using scripting languages andworkflow engines like vCenter Orchestrator, vCAC and Puppet. However, it is equally important for applications, as it allows them to drive application and VM centric policies, such as security, availability, reliability and performance.

A little while ago I wrote an article describing how Nutanix customers would soon start to see applications driving infrastructure requirements and automatically setting up their Service Level Agreements.

As we move towards the software and VM centric datacenter, or the SDDC, organizations start to be able to implement a different set of properties that until then were not available via APIs with the majority of storage and compute platforms. Using these “VM Caliber” properties Nutanix is able to effectively create Service Level Agreements that can be applied to individual workloads.

Today I am providing a sneak peek into one of the cool automation products under development by Nutanix and our partners, the Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop.



The XenDesktop administrator creates a GOLD SLA that provides 99.9999% availability with replication and snapshots, all happening every hour. Now the administrator assigns this SLA to the executive team desktops.



In another scenario, call center desktops may not require high availability and a Bronze SLA is selected. All these configurations happen in the background without special requirements or hardware re-configuration.


It’s better just taking a look at the video I recorded in my lab environment.


[Watch in 1080p FullScreen]


Simple and Beautiful!


This Alpha Release is limited only to SLA’s using Replication, Backup and Snapshots. For the GA release we will also have control over de-duplication and compression. On the roadmap we have even more granular controls over the Replication Factor (RF) for availability and Quality of Service for individual virtual machines and disks.

The “Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop” release date and packaging are yet to be announced by Nutanix.


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