The new Nutanix Script Repository

The new Nutanix Script Repository is dedicated to the system administrator scripters of the world whom use automation to reduce time spent performing mundane tasks. Overtime you will find resources written in PowerShell, Java, Python and other script languages.

You can simply download the scripts or interact with them using Git. Git is an open-source version-control system designed to handle projects that are distributed over multiple repositories and developers. We use Git for local operations such as local branching, commits, diffs, and edits.

Each script repository provides information like an associated blog post, information related to changes to the script overtime, or other useful information.



Here are some of the scripts currently in the repository.

  • Change Nutanix CVM RAM
  • PowerShell Connection to Nutanix using Invoke-RestMethod
  • Manually Fingerprint vDisks
  • Mass Clone and Power VMs via vCenter using VAAI
  • Produce Nutanix Protection Domain Report
  • Produce Nutanix vDisk Report
  • Configure basic Nutanix cluster


Each contribution is licensed to you under a License Agreement by its owner, not Nutanix. Nutanix does not guarantee the contribution or purport to grant rights to it. Some scripts are licenses under the MIT License (MIT).


To access the Nutanix Script Repository click here.


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