The Definitive Guide to Transforming Healthcare IT with Enterprise Cloud

I think at this point in time it’s no surprise to my readers that I have been deeply involved in the Healthcare IT space and also other market verticals. Alongside an impressive and talented team I am responsible for the Healthcare vertical strategy and execution at Nutanix. Yes, I still keep my technical chops running a partner engineering team responsible for Nutanix Ready validations and product integrations. (check out the link)


Let’s talk Healthcare IT….


The healthcare industry has long been overburdened by slow-moving innovation due to the complexity of the medical ecosystem. IT people in this industry will tell you that Healthcare is one of the most traditional and averse to change industries.

This is true due to the highly regulated industry where a simple mishap with system availability, security or compliance can easily turn into an expensive lawsuit – and no healthcare entity, provider or software vendor, like to go through this.

The good news is that the healthcare industry is without doubt currently witnessing amazing innovation and technology transformation, as I discuss in my article Transforming Healthcare IT.

To discuss the type of transformation happening in the industry Nutanix has created a fantastic free resource book for those looking at Healthcare IT transformation, but yet minimizing risk and increasing system availability, security, purchase predictability and reducing TCO.

The book covers Healthcare IT challenges, EHR and PACS systems, Application and Desktop virtualization, Analytics, Databases and many other services. Finally, the book also covers TCO and ROI. Must read for anyone in #HealthIT


Download it for free here.


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