The Calm Power enabling easy DevOps for Nutanix and the Cloud

Last August Nutanix announced the acquisition of, a company focused on managing and consuming IT infrastructure. brings automation and management capabilities to the Nutanix stack to deliver application and service orchestration, runtime life-cycle management, policy-based governance, reporting and auditing services to support application environments, including virtual machines, containers and micro-services.

Kinda DevOps in a box! is a very powerful application and service orchestration that was born in the cloud age, already integrated with AWS, Azure, Containers, and more recently fully integrated with the Nutanix stack APIs. Yes, the connector for Nutanix is already there.


Most of you know this already, but just to set a baseline here. DevOps is the term used to refer to a set of practices that emphasizes collaboration and communication of both software developers and other IT professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.


DevOps traditionally was done spending exhaustive hours in front of computer screens and using scripting languages such as Python and PowerShell to stitch together application life-cycle (deployment, maintenance, decommission) and infrastructure for both on-premise and cloud worlds. Later on, modern DevOps tools started to remove the scripting/coding burden from IT and simplifying the process with powerful service orchestration, and that’s when DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible came to life.

The product is a new generation of DevOps tools that were born ready for this new world, but also introduce extreme simplicity to managing and monitoring such service processes.

Today is an stand-alone product, but I am bullish on our engineering team’s ability to meld orchestration engine with Nutanix Self-Service Portal and workflows. Being in the IT and R&D space for a long time I have seen many companies failing miserably or taking too long to integrate companies and products. Only time will tell if we are able to pull that off! That said, based on what I hear as an insider, the target dates are really aggressive.

So how easy is Watch these videos.

Creation of an Application Stack Blueprint


Deploying Application Stack Blueprint


Administrative Approval Workflow


Deploying MongoDB on AWS


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