The Art of Being Ready


The Olympics provides a great opportunity for us all to find inspiration – be it personally, professionally or in business.

A few years ago I attended a talk from the Australian 2002 Winter Olympic Games speed skater winner Steven Bradbury. Steve won Australia’s first ever winter gold medal. His path through the heats to the final was aided mostly by competitors being disqualified. In the final he was pitted against a crack field of four and he knew he could not match their raw speed.


The Art of Being Ready


Before the race Bradbury was given little chance of winning. Steve knew he wasn’t fast enough and also had an inability to consistently skate very fast, but Steve had a game plan – a simple one – and he stuck to it.

Reflecting this on the challenges faced by Sales teams… many wins happen in the last month, weeks and even last hours of the quarter end; and many against the most powerful companies in the industry. The incredible performance of our Sales teams reminds me of the ‘never give-up’ attitude where we often prevail because we are the last man standing – sometimes that’s all you need to be.

While Bradbury got lucky on the day, he credited his success to years of tireless training. In a sporting context, what is lost when defining a Bradbury is the perseverance and a never die attitude required to make your own luck.

Success rarely goes to the biggest or most naturally talented person. It goes to those that want it bad enough and have a plan to get it. Steven Bradbury did both and against the odds became an Olympic champion. He wasn’t lucky – he was ready.


Now, check out this 3 min video of the Olympic final….



Perseverance and a never die attitude is the key message – Looking forward to the Games.


If you interested, read full Steven Bradbury story at Is this the luckiest olympic gold medallist ever?

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