Teradici PCoIP Management Console

As we see Teradici’s PCoIP display protocol being widely adopted by organisations there is also an increasing number of end-point devices that will need to be managed. These devices are becoming more diversified everyday, and they now may include ThinClients, PCoIP enabled Displays, mobiles and tablets.

For this reason Teradici created a PCoIP Management Console that enables administrators to centrally manage PCoIP end-points equipped with their TERA chip. The management console runs as a slim appliance on VMware Player or vSphere infrastructure and can be used to the following:

  • Access and update the configuration of all PC0IP devices
  • Apply the same configuration data to groups of devices
  • Update device firmware
  • Reset devices
  • Control the power state of host devices
  • View status information
  • Manage the monitoring of device event logs

The MC has a simple and intuitive web interface for administration where end-point devices are found (via scan or manual input) and added to a management group. Different profile templates can be created and applied to those management groups.



The number of settings available for configuration is really impressive and are not limited to VMware View. You will find also options to configure TERA host cards, that will soon be available to work with VMware’s ESX and VMware View.

The figure below demonstrate all the sections available to be configured. I decided no to include here all the options as this post would be a collage of pictures. However, I have included below the configuration specific for VMware View.




The appliance is FREE and can be downloaded from Teradici’s website upon free registration to TechSupport. You will also find there some good documentation about management and PCoIP performance for LAN & WAN. Now, if you still don’t have a PCoIP end-point device I suggest you to look at some of my previous articles.

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    • liyifei on 11/05/2010 at 3:01 am

    Is it only for zero client?

  1. liyifei,
    You can manage any device with Teradici’s TERA chip. Today that would include ZeroClients and some ThinClients. In the future that may include mobiles and tablets.

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