TechPreview NeoAccel SSL VPN integrated with VMware View

Time to share! I have been working with NeoAccel engineers on a solution to allow access to VMware View remote sessions over the internet.

Then you say – Everyone does that today!

– Yes, that is true, but no single VDI product on the market cover all possible scenarios today.


The solution allow users without administrative privileges to deploy the VPN client and VMware View client. User have seamless, integrated, secure and fully contained experience when connecting to the virtual desktops from any Windows enabled endpoint device. For the users on managed end points or with local administrative rights to the workstation/notebook the VPN and View client installations are transparent and the session is automatically established through Single-Sign On. Take a look at the video below.

How does it work?

NeoAccel VPN is a virtual appliance based on next-generation encryption technology that combines performance (faster than most clear traffic), ease of use and ubiquity (leveraging browser-based SSL). In addition to encryption and tunnelling, it provides each endpoint with end to end security comprising data leakage prevention, end point compliance, authentication, audit and logging, data cleanup, and WAN optimization.

NeoAccel is comparable to the solutions provided by Cisco, F5 and Juniper, and mentioned at VMware release Solution Briefs covering SSL VPN & PCoIP.


What has been automated…

  • Installation and execution of NeoAccel VPN client in both scenarios (with Admin/without Admin privileges) ? YES
  • Verification if VMware View client is already installed and execute the application? YES
  • Installation of View Client in silent mode if user has Admin rights and execute application? YES
  • Download and automated execution of a ThinApp version of the VMware View client for users without Admin rights? YES
  • Single Sign-On for all scenarios (Full View Client / ThinApp)? YES
  • Execution of PCoIP over UDP tunnelling in both scenarios (Full View Client / ThinApp)? YES

Tech Preview video of the solution
I’m sorry but the audio/video are not that great because this was recorded over a WEBEX session.

NeoAccel SSL VPN with VMware View from Andre Leibovici on Vimeo.


Who is NeoAccel?

NeoAccel was founded and is managed by Michel Susai. Michel is an innovator of pioneering technologies that optimize the performance of Internet applications. In 1997, he founded NetScaler, Inc whose unique technology significantly improved web-content delivery for large-scale corporations. NetScaler was acquired by Citrix Systems in 2005 in a $300 million transaction.

Who is currently using NeoAccel today?

Several large corporations use NeoAcel products but the most impressive is that NeoAccel is the solution OEM’d into some IBM, Net Pilot and Allied Telesis security products.


If you are interested or would like more details visit their website
I’m sure they would be keen to help you!

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