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2nd APAC Virtualisation Roundtable – Wed 10/2/10 @ 9pm

Join us for the second APAC Virtualisation Roundtable. The cast is via TALKSHOE.com. The main topic of the night is “Xen Hypervizor & Xen Coud Platform (XCP)” with our special guest Kistoffer Sheather from Cloud Central. I also have few announcements to make. During the podcast we will define the subject for the next podcasts …

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Open Source Xen Hypervisor & Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) adopted by private IaaS providers – CloudCentral

Whilst VMware reigns in the corporate world with vSphere stack, Open Enterprise-Class Cloud Infrastructures are quickly spreading across the academic community and governmental agencies. That is no news to anyone, however slowly we are starting to see start-ups and well established corporations adopting Open Source platforms, and in some cases providing enterprise-class IaaS to general …

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