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Jul 08 2013

Deployment Options for vCenter Server in a Horizon View Pod [video]

Starting in Horizon View 5.2, you can use a single vCenter Server to manage up to 10,000 desktops in a single Horizon View pod. VMware delivered this innovation in response to multiple requests from customers and partners. Using a single vCenter Server, you can build a simple infrastructure that provides a single place to manage …

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Jun 24 2013

Open letter to non-persistent VDI fanboys…

An article that recently sparked my interest was authored by Harry Labana on Brian Madden’s blog entitled “Searching for a new way to enable non-persistent VDI. Can we leapfrog traditional PC management?”. I was suddenly taken back to early 2011, when I wrote an article entitled “Floating Pools are the way to go….”. Labana, in …

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Apr 05 2012

Understanding CBRC – RecomputeDigest Method

After my article Understanding CBRC (Content Based Read Cache) I received few direct questions about the BBRC exposed API methods exposedI in vSphere 5, as mentioned by William Lam in hist article New Hidden CBRC (Content-Based Read Cache) Feature in vSphere 5 & for VMware View 5? The questions were specifically targeting the RecomputeDigest_Task method. Please read …

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