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Data Integrity Should Be Taken Very Seriously

By now it is pretty clear that Datrium is one of the only Convergence and/or Storage vendors that has been entirely open about performance, not hiding numbers or gaming performance benchmarks. Check out this article by Ganesh and Dhazi on our real performance numbers… What Separates The Storage Industry’s Men From Boys? Random Writes! or …

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What makes Datrium VSS Snapshots Special & Better?

VSS (Volume Shadow-Copy Service) is a Microsoft Windows service that allows backup and snapshot applications to “quiesce” applications –, i.e., put them on a consistent on-disk state before taking a backup. Application-consistent snapshots are used to ensure on-disk consistency for applications, and they can also help reduce recovery time for database applications. In addition to …

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Datrium DVX Cloud to AWS Cloud in Less than 60 Seconds

In this version of the Datrium DVX we are demonstrating archival of snapshots from the on-prem DVX to AWS S3 without ever leaving vCenter UI. This presents our customers with the ability to protect their infrastructure data both in the on-prem DVX cloud and off site in AWS DVX cloud repositories. The solution uses forever-incremental snapshots, …

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