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How to Launch Horizon View Standalone sessions via vmware-view URI

Launching Horizon View Client and pointing it to different Connection Servers despite unsupported by VMware is somewhat well known at this point in time. I blogged about it a while back in my article VMware View 4.5 Command Line Usage.   However, the ‘-standalone‘ switch can only be issued from the Windows command-line, and I …

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VMware Horizon View: Using Webcams and Microphones

With release of Horizon View 5.2, VMware announced  support  for Real-Time Audio-View as part of the Feature Pack 2 (find the release notes here). Peter Brown and Tarique Chowdhury provided some quick tips, guidance and configuration tips in their article Real-Time Audio-Video (RTAV) for Horizon View. I also wrote an article entitled Understanding Horizon View Real-Time Audio-Video (RTAV) a …

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What’s New and What’s Next for Horizon View

During VMworld 2013, Ravi Kumar and I presented a session entitled “What’s New and What’s Next for Horizon View”. In this session we discussed few aspects about what users and administrators should expect from Horizon View in the future. In this session I  took brief time to diagram and explain each of Horizon View components …

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