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Desktops in ‘Already Used’ State in Horizon View

An article by Jack McMichael (@jackmc4)   Starting in View 4.6, a state was added to VMware View to deal with a nagging issue for some administrators who wanted to ensure that a desktop was always clean and never previously used – the introduction of the ‘Already Used’ state. The issue is simple, a user …

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Changing Port on PCoIP Gateway

For multiple different reasons organizations may want to change the Default ports used by VMware View. I have previously explained how to modify VMWare View default HTTP/HTTPS ports using the locked.properties file in my article Modifying VMware View Network Ports. The HTTP/HTTPS listener is part of the sslgateway component, which also supports SSL tunneling. To configure …

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VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions is Available Now

VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions [The Book] is Available Now on Kindle and paperback.   I would like to acknowledge the hard work from Jason Langone who has done most of the heavy-lifting and writing for this book, the foreword from Simon Bramfitt, and the review work from Raymond van’t Hag.   Click here …

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