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Desktops in ‘Already Used’ State in Horizon View

An article by Jack McMichael (@jackmc4)   Starting in View 4.6, a state was added to VMware View to deal with a nagging issue for some administrators who wanted to ensure that a desktop was always clean and never previously used – the introduction of the ‘Already Used’ state. The issue is simple, a user …

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Securing Display Protocols for VDI

Security in IT environments is an incessant quest nowadays. During the client/server era the ability to encrypt data between datacenter and applications was indispensible to many organizations. Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and IPsec were widely used to secure data transmissions; and still are. With the introduction of hosted desktops (VDI) organizations …

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VM MAC Address Changes in VMware View

A common question from VMware View administrators is if the MAC addresses in each VM are retained after a recompose or refresh operation. In VMware View 4.0 and earlier linked cloning operations were a little more CPU and IO intensive. Because of the high number of recourses utilized during these operations VMware decided to change …

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