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Suspend Power Policy in VMware View. Should you use it?

One of my readers posted a comment on my VDI Calculator page mentioning that he would not see the VM storage consumption increasing when Suspend VM option was select at “Desktop State when Not in use”.  Suresh Thoppay thanks for the comment! According to Suresh, “ESX suspend file, which has a .vmss extension, is created …

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VMware View Client DropDown Menu Automation

This is rather a quick tip than an article. In some cases where multiple connection brokers are available in your network, or if you have an Active-Passive DR Data Centre, or even if your users constantly move between branches, you may want want the users to automatically connect to the secondary brokers. Below you will …

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Why you should be using Dedicated Replica Datastores in View 4.5

This is one of those cases when, in my opinion, VMware was quite modest highlighting one of the VMware View 4.5 new features. VMware introduced with VMware View 4.5 the ability to select a different datastore to host Linked Clone replica disks. If you are still unsure how Linked Clones and replicas work, please read …

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