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vCloud Director Backups: The VMs are the easy part!

Sponsored Article There is one thing that we all can agree on, vCloud Director is materially different from what we’ve done in vSphere by itself. With the rich capabilities of self-provisioning, virtual data centers, additional storage options and more; there is more than just getting a virtual machine stood up. The vCloud Director constructs such …

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Simple Method to Deliver Multi-Tenant VDI with vCloud Director

In this article I will show you how  you can easily create a multi-tenant Horizon View solution integrated with vCloud Director. The interesting thing about this model is that I don’t see any reasons for not being supported by VMware, but please not I am not saying it is supported. Please talk to your Sales …

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How to: Horizon View and vCloud Director multi-tenant DaaS

Services Providers and large customers with requirement for multi-tenant Desktop-as-a-Service frequently ask me how would be possible to integrate Horizon View and vCloud Director and get both technologies to work together. As of today, the official VMware answer is – this is not supported. In this article I demonstrate how multi-tenant implementations with View and …

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