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Linked Clone Ad hoc space reclamation from allocated unused disk space

Horizon View 5.2 leverages a new vSphere capability that implements a new disk format for VMs on VMFS that allow for grain reduction size & more efficiently utilization of allocated blocks by filling it with real data. Unused space is reclaimed and Linked Clone desktops stay small. These are blocks that were previously written but …

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Clearing up Space-Efficient Virtual Disk questions

Horizon View 5.2 make use of the new Space-Efficient Sparse Virtual Disks available in vSphere 5.1. I previously wrote about it in Space-Efficient Sparse Virtual Disks and VMware View and announced the new Horizon View 5.2 feature at What’s New in VMware Horizon View 5.2 (Beyond Marketing).   “The new SE sparse disk implements a …

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