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Mapping Replicas to View Desktop Pools

Identifying what replica is assigned to what desktop pool can be somewhat challenging in Horizon View. However, in some cases administrators need to know the object relationship to properly plan desktop and pool migrations across hosts or datastores. The PowerShell script bellow produces a output that demonstrate this relationship.       To execute save the …

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VMware View PowerShell AD LDS Set-State Function

Automation is system administrator’s best friend. Automating repetitive tasks is a key enabler in most IT environments. Whilst many of the desktop pool changes in VMware View can be made via PowerShell, not all objects are exposed. I created the PowerShell function below and it will change a desktop pool property state in Active Directory …

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PowerShell Module for (NVP) Nicira Network Virtualization Platform

The network virtualization concept of decoupling the logical networking from the physical networking much like in the same way server virtualization de-coupled the operating systems and software from the physical server hardware is permeating IT organizations. NVP creates an intelligent abstraction layer between hosts and existing networks. Managed by a distributed controller system this intelligent …

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