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VDI Architectures using Storage Class Memory

There are so many disruptive VMware technologies in the VDI space that sometimes is hard to keep up with them all.  I am looking forward to few of them, such as the VMware Distributed Storage and Space-Efficient Sparse Virtual Disks. At same pace the storage industry is being transformed and now most storage solutions on …

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Space-Efficient Sparse Virtual Disks and VMware View

VMware is about to release vSphere 5.1. This new release is bringing many improvements to the vSphere storage architecture, but I would like specifically to discuss the changes to the virtual disk format and how it will impact VMware View implementations when using Linked Clones. Cormac Hogan wrote What’s New in VMware vSphere® 5.1 – Storage and I …

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Desktop-as-a-Service Constructs [Video]

The Desktop-as-a-Service opportunity is real and during and after my sessions at VMWorld many organizations, Service Providers and Integrators came to talk to me about their DaaS plans. “Project Catalyst is a prototype of a VMware integrated end-to-end DaaS platform utilizing View and vCloud Director with full multi-tenancy, elastic resource provisioning, self-service portal operation, and …

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