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How I configured my Nutanix Cluster for Synchronous Replication

Now that NOS 4.1.1 is generally available I decided to make some time to upgrade my two production clusters to the latest release and enable metro cluster availability (synchronous replication). Given that I was already at the job I started ScreenFlow for Mac and recorded the configuration steps for the setup. I have never seen synchronous replication that simple …

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Nutanix Metro Cluster Availability Setup Demo Video

Recently I have been talking and writing a lot about the new Nutanix Metro Cluster Availability feature in NOS 4.1, and I thought would be nice to share this video about how to set up this cool new feature. It’s easy, just like everything else in Nutanix.   (Watch in 720p Full Screen)   There is …

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Nutanix Metro Availability Operations – Part 2

In the first part of this Nutanix Metro Availability series I discussed the datacenter failure recovery operation (failover) to a secondary site. In this second part I talk about the operational procedure to resume normal operations back to the primary site (failback) after a successful failover operation. If you missed the announcement of NOS 4.1, please …

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