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Using Nutanix Java SDK to Create Protection Domains and Add/Remove VMs

In a previous article I demonstrated how to use the Nutanix Java SDK (here) and provided the URL for the Nutanix Code Repository (here). In SampleRestJavaClient I have been implementing and encapsulating methods that make my life easier when automating Nutanix with Java. I previously included some initial methods such as getVMs, getDisks, getHosts, getContainers, getManagementServers and getProtectionDomains. …

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Using Nutanix Java SDK for Automation – Sample Code and Repo

DevOps is a response to the growing awareness that there is a disconnect between what is traditionally considered development activity and what is traditionally considered operations activity. For the business, DevOps contributes directly to enabling business agility and IT alignment. Software vendors working with Nutanix to integrate their software stack into the Nutanix PRISM APIs …

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It turns out I was wrong. Nutanix already has a Java SDK!

It turns out I was wrong and the Nutanix engineering team has amazed me once again. Yesterday I wrote about my efforts in creating a Java SDK based on Nutanix REST API (Nutanix Java SDK for Open-Source Community). After publishing post and making the source code available via GitHub a member of the engineering team …

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